Sensory Exploration Fun!

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

This week in Coral Class we have been very busy exploring different textures in our play. We have been playing with: dried spaghetti and pasta, cooked spaghetti, oats, cereal, coloured sand as well as glitter and sequins.  Each day this week our builders tray has been set out with sensory play items and mixing bowls, different sized spoons, sieves, jugs, cake trays and cake cases. We have all been very engaged and have demonstrated lots of different  skills whilst playing alongside each other  and sharing a central resource. We have also been encouraged to transport other items of our choosing over to use in the builders tray.


img_3113 img_3111 img_3109 img_3102 img_3101

We have had so much fun pouring, scooping, stacking, filling, emptying, touching, smelling, eating, looking, throwing, mark making, dropping  and mixing this week!

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