A Busy Week in Coral Class!

Friday, March 24th, 2017

This week in Coral class we have been very busy making gifts for our Mummy’s for Mother’s Day and having fun for Comic Relief.

We have made cards for our Mummy’s as well as “Little Books of Love” and planting bulbs to take home. Each morning this week we have been experimenting with different ways of mark making on a heart, these have then been used to make our books of love. We all really liked using the glitter and our classroom looked lovely with some added sparkle!

Today (Friday) we have enjoyed a messy play session using red jelly for Comic Relief. We squashed and squeezed the the jelly, but Romii wasn’t too sure about the texture! Charlie enjoyed squashing it and then poring it from one plate to another, whilst Logan used the palm of his hands to move it around the plate and watch the marks it left. Jane enjoyed it too!

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