Stingray’s Day out at Robin Hill

Friday, June 16th, 2017

ROBIN HILL                                                                                                    On Tuesday the whole school were invited out on a school trip to Robin Hill that was supported by The Rotary Club.

The children had a brilliant time due to the weather being bright and sunny.

They were able to go on most of the rides.  The most popular ride being the Pirate Ship. Karl went on this ride for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it asking for more. (not sure our stomach’s could handle any more!!)

The children were so well behaved during the whole day. Walking around so nicely as a team and helping each other on the climbing frames and play equipment.

The end of the day was well rewarded with an ice cream and a trip back to the top of the park on the tractor ride.

Well done Stingray Class.



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