Welcome to Medina Cottage

Monday, September 25th, 2017

Medina Cottage is the fantastic new home for Penguin Class. We have been able to organise a variety of areas for the children to work in and learn from.

The hall 

We have our snack times, lunch times and sensory circuits in the hall. We are also building up to having reflection time and assemblies in the hall. We also have our weekly cooking session in the hall.

The work room

In the work room children have access to the ICT area, workstations, work with teacher and a variety of resources that will help the children with their literacy and numeracy skills.

The workstations where children complete their independent tasks.

Work with teacher table in quiet room for minimal distraction. Adult’s work on 1:1 basis in this room.

We have a horseshoe table for group work.

ICT area

The children can explore a variety of programs not only on the computers but will be able to mark make and do things in big on the interactive whiteboard.

Our bright bathroom area where we encourage the children’s independent skills.

The messy room

This is where all our art takes place. We also carry out sensory and water play in the messy room.

The play room

In the play room the children have access to role play, sensory toys, construction and a small world table.

The sensory room

In the sensory room the children are able to use an interactive floor, explore sensory items such as tag chairs and vibrating cushions but can also have fun or relax in the colour changing, musical ball pit.

Our outside area

At the cottage we also have a fantastic outside space for the children to explore and have fun learning outside.

Forest School for key stage 1 happens at Medina Cottage as well – this is the circle area for forest school. 

We look forward to seeing you on the official opening event.

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