Special Visitors in Coral!

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

This half term our topic has been pets. We have been looking at different pets and exploring different things that some pets have. We have done printing with dog biscuits, made fish pictures, mark made on fish, played with animal stickers, finding sea creatures that are the same in bowls of water and using nets to scoop them up and  been splashing like fish in our swimming sessions.

had a special visit from Pets at Home. They brought with them a rabbit, a hamster and a guinea pig. They were very friendly and we all enjoyed stroking them and hearing the guinea pig squeak!

Sarah liked the guinea pig so much that she went to Pets at Home to buy him! The guinea pig came back to school the following week for a bath and blow dry. Romii and Charlie enjoyed splashing water on him to make sure he got all nice and clean. The guinea pig got us wet when he shook himself dry! Lola and Caroline found this very funny.Afterwards Juliette used the hair dryer to dry him, we all really liked the hair dryer and Juliette tried to dry us! We gave his a brush to make him nice and soft. 

Shelia our class governor came to visit one day too with her little dog called Pepper. He came into our class with his food and water bowl and his ball! Caroline had lots of fun throwing Pepper’s ball and Charlie liked exploring the food and water bowls. Pepper was so friendly and liked everyone giving him attention and stroking him.

Donna also brought her tortoise into visit Coral class too, he is called Tiddles. He was very speedy and ran across our table. He had a little nibble of some food and a soak in a shallow bowl of water.

Coral class wish you all a Happy Easter and a wonderful  Easter break!

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