Dolphins Day Out!

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

What an amazing day the Dolphins have had a Robin Hill. The day started with a lovely meet and greet by Rotary club member and a free ‘Kids day out’ blue hat.


We also met the Sandown town crier, who welcomed us in a big voice, and we thought looked a bit like a pirate!!


We loved the train and the Maze, and only got lost once!


We played on the swings, slide and climbing frames of the jungle park. We had so much fun in the small village, pretending to be teachers and sweet shop owners.


Next we saw the birds of prey who had huge wings and then looked out for them in the sky for the rest of the day.


Then we had a lovely picnic and ice cream down by the pond, then a lovely woodland walk back up the hill to the bus.


It was a truly lovely day and the children were a credit to themselves and the school. 

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