Penguin class have really enjoyed their final term!

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

It’s been a hot last term, but even though Penguins are used to the cold they have been fab this final term.


We were so happy with our balloon motor bike from the road safety show.


We really enjoyed making ice cream at cooking!



We have had lots of fun using our imagination with the building blocks.


We have been fascinated in learning this term!

We have really enjoyed cooking this summer!

We have really enjoyed joining in with the music therapist.


We have really loved our water play sessions.

We really got stuck in with our latest art project.

We always love to get involved with the props at story time.



We have really enjoyed playing with our friends in Penguin class and we all have the best imagination!

We really hope the little Penguins enjoy the rest of their summer!

From all the Penguin staff.


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