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Last week Coral class made some bird feeders for all the birds outside in our playground. We had great fun mixing all the seeds together with the gelatin and water.    

Coral class has been getting into the autumnal spirit. We have been exploring pumpkins and have had a go at making our own sparklers!   First we took out all the seeds from our pumpkins.   Then we added some different powders and liquids to make a magic potion inside!   Later we had a […]

Coral class are very grateful to the school PTA for their extremely kind donation to help us purchase some fantastic wooden blocks for the outside area. We have enjoyed not only building with them and hiding animals and dinosaurs in  and behind them, but also learning the language of the different shapes and sizes. Of […]

Coral Class joined the rest of the school to walk around the field, a number of times, in support of Water Aid. We began as a group together and then gradually gained confidence to explore more independently. Some of us found a friend to walk with and have a good chat as we walked! We […]

Coral class have been exploring their feet! We found we could do great mark making with them in paint, walking up and down a large sheet of paper leaving behind our trail of colourful footprints. We then decided it was time to pamper! We enjoyed exploring the foot spa, making it massage our feet with […]

Coral class was very grateful for the kind donation from the charity, Kezi’s Kindness. We were awarded both a voucher and some lovely outside toys! We know all of our children will be very excited to play with our new toys. 

Coral Class have a great time yesterday (Tues 17th) for our leavers picnic. We were joined by Mummy’s, Daddy’s, siblings and grandparents to celebrate the achievements that our school leavers have made this year. It was a lovely morning and yet again the sun came out to celebrate with us too! The children enjoyed showing […]

On Friday Coral class held our own celebrations for the Royal Wedding! We loved trying on a veil!  We decorated invitations using pens and paint and tried new foods. The foods were red strawberries, white meringues and blue blueberries! Romii enjoyed a meringues, Charlie explored and tasted a blueberry, Lola tested all of the things […]

This half term our topic has been pets. We have been looking at different pets and exploring different things that some pets have. We have done printing with dog biscuits, made fish pictures, mark made on fish, played with animal stickers, finding sea creatures that are the same in bowls of water and using nets […]

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