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This week in forest school we were learning all about the different sounds of the forest, some are natural and some are man made!! ( Or dolphin made !)   Geoff let us use his BIG cutters to make our own drum sticks so we could explore different natural materials and different sounds that they […]

As you know we are very lucky each year to have a ‘Kids big day out!’ funded by the Rotary club. As usual we chose Robin hill and we had a simply amazing day!     

Here at Medina House school we have been very lucky to be given the opportunity to take part in in the UKSA sailing program. Dolphins had an amazing time cruising up and down the river Medina on three ribs. The children were given photographs of different things to spot along the way and did better […]

With the recent improvement in the weather, Dolphins have been making the most of it by taking our art lessons outside. Our most recent class project has been making a Peacock for our outside area. We used cd’s and ‘jewels’ to make the peacocks feathers and different sponges in paint to decorate the body. This […]

We love our cooking sessions in Dolphin class and its not always all about eating!   We always have a set of communicate in print instructions to follow which helps us with our reading. We use measures, cups and scales to make sure everything turns out perfectly and this helps our maths. Dolphins are excellent […]

From all in Dolphin class we hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year! This terms Topic is jungles! We will explore a different animal each week and reading lots of exciting jungle themed books. If you have ‘ Dear Zoo’ or ‘Rumble in the jungle’ maybe share them […]

We are all very excited about the new school year starting. Meet our new team.  Class teacher Heather                    TA3 Alex                         TA2 Ria                           […]

                  What a wonderful day we have had, thank you to all those that came, it was lovely to have your support.   Well done to Eleanor that won the race, Brandon who came second and all the others who run, raced and rode their dragons so […]

Click on the link below to view Dolphin Class’s Topic Newsletters for information on what your child will be doing this term. Dophin Class Topic Newsletter Spring 1 2017 Dolphin Class Topic Newsletter Summer 1 2016 Dolphin Class Topic Newsletter Spring 1 2016 Dolphin Class Topic Newsletter Autumn 1 2015

We had a wonderful time at UKSA we went in two RIBs all the way up the river Medina to Newport where we had a go at some crabbing, a drink and a snack.   We then returned to UKSA and went out into the sea, past the floating bridge and the Isle of Wight […]