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As December begins Jellyfish class have been getting in the Christmas spirit! On Monday Jellyfish class were excited to arrive to a decorated classroom and some special treats left by Santa and his elves. We created our own Santa pancakes to have for our breakfast. On Tuesday Jellyfish class went to decorate the Christmas tree […]

Today Jellyfish have had a great time at Forest School! When we got there Geoff explained that we were going to have a fire in the firepit, we were very excited. Yesterday we made dough in cooking and today we rolled the dough around sticks to cook over the fire. They were really yummy! To […]

Jellyfish big crew members are Hannah, Rach, Keeley, Emma and Holly. (photos below) mini Jellyfish members have had fun joining in the many different fun, messy activities!!

Jellyfish have been having lots of fun, walking the wight and having a trip to UKSA   

Jellyfish class have been having fun during their Worldly Celebrations topic. We especially enjoyed holding sparklers and eating marshmallows at our bonfire! As well as this we have been exploring out outside environment, experimenting with colour mixing and practising counting and matching.  

Whilst settling into Jellyfish we have been enjoying going swimming, going to Medina Cottage for Forest School and have been having lots of fun in our topic Me and My Friends. We have looked at books that explore our senses, thinking so far about what we see and what we hear. We’ve made our faces […]

Welcome to Jellyfish class!  The adults working in our class are Hannah (class teacher) Rach, Charlotte, Aaron and Georgia.  we are having lots of fun doing different activities (some messy!!) around our topic me and my friends.   

The time has come to say goodbye to Jellyfish class this year, wishing everyone lots of luck and fun in their new class .

Jellyfish celebrated Shabbat we all sat around a table, we put on a white table cloth and lit a candle to celebrate our day of rest, we then shared our snacks with our friends.

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