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Starfish have had a lovely Easter filled few days. We’ve done lots of Easter art activities and we even had an Easter egg hunt thanks to Sheila.       We all hope you have a lovely Easter holidays and the Easter bunny treats you all well!

Another busy term in Seal class. We have enjoyed our social trips out and about, our topic has been about pets so we have visited Pets at Home, Exotic Pets and Cats Protection, we also have had two dogs come into school to say hello to us! Some of us enjoyed dressing up for world […]

Starfish have been thoroughly enjoying the snow we’ve been seeing these past few weeks. We’ve had lots of fun learning what arctic aminals there are and learning about road safety in the snow/ice.  We wrapped up warm and went out to play! We had snow ball fights and made a snowman called Carlos Karrotte (which is […]

This week on our social skills trip we went to Watergate Nurseries to visit all the different pets! We saw birds, a goat, chickens, rats and a cat! We also met a parrot who likes to say hello! Dolphin class were very brave as we got to touch a snake and some of us chose […]

This term we are learning about all different types of pets and how we care and look after them. We went for a walk to Pets at Home to meet lots of different pets. We got to say hello to a fluffy rabbit and squeaky guinea pig! We stroked them and learnt all about what […]

Jellyfish class had brilliant fun this morning exploring the snow! We played in it, explored the touch (and taste!) and experimented adding food colouring / salt to watch what happened.

We have had a busy half of term, we have dressed up for R.E week where we dressed up in our clothes for special occasions, we tried on wedding dresses, cravats, and a kimono. We have enjoyed science where we have experimented with what material is waterproof and what is not, we made umbrellas and […]

    The children in starfish were enjoying the festivities in class when suddenly we heard the jingle of magical bells, the children stopped what they were doing and gathered round to see… THAT FATHER CHRISTMAS HAD CAME TO VISIT!             The children were very excited to receive some lovely […]