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Starfish have had a lovely Easter filled few days. We’ve done lots of Easter art activities and we even had an Easter egg hunt thanks to Sheila.       We all hope you have a lovely Easter holidays and the Easter bunny treats you all well!

Starfish have been thoroughly enjoying the snow we’ve been seeing these past few weeks. We’ve had lots of fun learning what arctic aminals there are and learning about road safety in the snow/ice.  We wrapped up warm and went out to play! We had snow ball fights and made a snowman called Carlos Karrotte (which is […]

    The children in starfish were enjoying the festivities in class when suddenly we heard the jingle of magical bells, the children stopped what they were doing and gathered round to see… THAT FATHER CHRISTMAS HAD CAME TO VISIT!             The children were very excited to receive some lovely […]

The children in starfish class have worked so well this term we used some of our class funds to go on a well deserved bowling trip! A lovely time was had by all and we can reveal the bowling champion of starfish class is…. Duane-Lee! Closely followed by Cloe in 2nd place and Jack in […]

We took part in the Hampshire special schools Christmas celebration at Winchester cathedral, we enjoyed the boat and mini bus journey and we also got to see the donkey!  

Starfish have been learning about light and dark in science, we’ve been experimenting with lights, shadows and reflective materials. We’ve learnt that if you put a light close to an object the shadow is smaller and if the light is further away the shadow is bigger. We have also learnt who invented the light bulb (Thomas Edison) […]

We have been using counting in our play and learning all about money. We’ve had lots of fun playing shopkeeper and customer during our maths lessons! I’ve been using objects of reference to make clear choices.

  Starfish class were pleased to be joined by some familiar faces this morning for our parent coffee (without the coffee) morning. we started with our sensory story version of ‘town mouse, country mouse’ before making some mice of our own!                 A lovely morning was had by […]

We hope you all had a great summer and we welcome you back to starfish class. The adults working in starfish class this year are….   Kev ( Teacher)   Jane (Teacher)   Shaz (TA3)     Mia (TA2)   Natalia (TA1)   Hannah (TA1)     Our topic this half term is “Houses and homes”. […]