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This week, Turtles have been getting ready for Christmas. We’ve had an R.E day, learning about ‘holy’ and Jesus’s mother Mary. On Wednesday Turtles went down to Medina Cottage to have their Christmas dinner and to see the special visitor and finished the week off in the Newport Minster Church for our Christingle service. What a […]

This term, Turtle class have loved their music session’s with music therapist Alison. Turtle’s have been playing the guitar and keyboard and making lots of noise on the symbol and the drum!    

This term our topic is ‘houses and homes.’ The children have loved taking part in the activities this week, they have been building tent’s on the field and creating their own homes!        

This week there was no Forest school, but instead, as a special treat Turtle class went to beach school at St. Helen’s. They loved every minute! Turtles loved dipping their toes in the sea and playing with the seaweed, but the best part of it was sharing the experience with their friend’s in Stingray class.

In Turtle class this week, the children have been playing really nicely with their friends on the field at lunch time. They have been playing games, holding hands and sharing!

Turtle class had a great time out on the field exploring the trees, they had to ‘look up’, ‘feel’ and ‘smell’. They made rubbings of the bark and found blossom, buds and leaves. They were able to identify wide, thin, tall and short trees. Turtle class always love learning outdoors!

In Turtle class, we LOVE going out to Forest School on the bus. As well as climbing trees and stomping through the mud, we like climbing the ladder to rescue animal toys, splashing a stick in the pond and playing on the new ‘tree castle’. Here are some photos from earlier in the year to […]

As promised, here are Turtle class’s 2016 school photographs – we’re all looking very smart in our new blue t-shirts! From left to right we are: Ben, Cameron, Harvey, Keane, Kenzie and Mitchell.

Turtle class really enjoyed our first trip to Forest School today. We met the new Forest School leader, Geoff, and had lots of time to explore the forest. It was nice to have a swing on the tyre and to fish out the slimy pond weed – whilst splashing the adults! We’re looking forward to […]

Last week, Turtle class invited our families into school for the afternoon. We are learning about families this term, so it was great to meet mums, dads, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and even grannies! We spent some time introducing everyone, before showing our families how we like to spend our time in class and in the […]

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