Castle’s by Shark Class

Friday, May 17th, 2019

Castle’s By Shark Class !!

Our History topic this term is Castles, as a class we have been looking at castle’s and their different features. We went on an exciting trip to Carisbrooke Castle and even made some of our own. We came up with our own design’s and began to make them using recycled boxes and plastic. We designed our own Coat of Arms and flag’s to be placed on our castles and we came up with our own knight or king names. We had lots of fun painting and making our castle’s and we created a display to show them all outside of Shark Class. Below are pictures of our Castle’s that we have made.

This is Sir Louie’s Castle, he decided to use red and blue paint for his Castle with a long Drawbridge and gold turrets.

This is Sir Mitchell’s Castle, Mitchell decided to create a huge castle with Arrow slits, a drawbridge and a cannon. Mitchell wanted to paint his castle grey.

This is Sir Jayden-Hayden’s Castle with a large drawbridge and tall turrets on the top, Jayden made a colourful coat of arms.

This is King Robbie’s Castle, Robbie decided to paint his Castle grey, yellow and black and his castle also has a drawbridge.

This is King Andrew’s Castle, Andrew decided to paint the Castle green of course !! Andrews castle has high walls and a drawbridge into the castle.

This is King Daniel’s Castle, Daniel decided to make his Castle very colourful with a Gold Castle door and tall turrets. Daniel also made a very colourful Coat of Arms.

This is King Aaran’s Castle, Aaran decided to make his castle have a big draw bridge and four grey turrets.

This is Sir Harvey’s Castle, Harvey decided to have large grey towers at the front of his Castle and a Keep.

All of the Children had great fun and we have really enjoyed learning all about Castle’s this term.

Well done Shark Class !!!!


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