An alternative half term of Seashell Learning.

Thursday, February 11th, 2021

What a half term it has been for the Seashellers. Who would have thought a lockdown could bring such challenges, fun and learning.

It is regrettable that Covid-19 restricted us in a number of ways. With no swimming, forest school and many social interactions. Introducing us to necessary online learning, but upon reflection of the hard work carried out at home, it is very clear that our students continue to flourish regardless of the environment.  We are proud to display within the school surroundings both physical outcomes and experiences by students in class and at home.

Seashell class creatively embraced the theme of ‘Jungle’ with gusto.  Creating many fine art pieces, cooking some delicious treats and demonstrating our skills though movement, choices and humour.

We were able to start our term with an investigation into sound and textures of the various animals which we would encounter in the jungle as well as creatures closer to home.  We listened to stories and sang songs linked to the characteristics of the various critters we encountered.

We prepared for Bird watch week.  We listened to the range of bird song, created the necessary equipment needed for the big weekend, as well as designed and created feeders to encourage the widest range of birds to our gardens and parks.

We furthered our communication skills and choice making with a range of sensory based massage stories and impromptu story telling.  Looking at books such as Into the woods, Not me said the Monkey, and Animals at night.

Individually and as a group we were able produce art work for two international art competitions.  Both linked to nature and the conservation of our planet.   A very creative, colourful painting for the Japanese project was produced.

The group was able to enter the American Eco Planet competition based around bringing forward concerns about our planet through creative craft.  We wait with anticipation how the judges view our efforts.

Sensory class continues to be a resounding success with a wide range of craft, fun and interaction.  My particular favourite was the explosive water bead waterfall and the temperamental volcano eruption.

A big thanks as always to TALC (Tina, Amanda, Lynne and Cheryl) for their hard work ensuring all targets were actualised.

Congratulation to the students for their dedication, persistence and wit.

Finally have a safe and fun half term.

See you soon.


Barry and the Seashells.


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