An egg-citing end to the spring term in Jellyfish

Friday, March 26th, 2021

It has been lovely having all our jellyfish back together for the last few weeks of term.

We have had lots of fun exploring our growing topic – we have grown cress, grass, mung beans and runner beans.

We ended the term with a week of eggy fun to get the children egg-cited for Easter. We decorated hard boiled eggs for the Jellyfish egg Olympics where we rolled our eggs down a ramp to see how far they would go and then we had a good old egg and spoon race using tennis rackets. In science we used eggs for an egg-periment – we were all given an egg and a bag and had to choose something to use to protect our egg from breaking. Some children chose water, some chose flour and some chose bubblewrap. We then dropped our bag with our egg in to see if it cracked or not. 

We also made a paper plate bunny, an Easter chick card and some yummy Easter nest cakes to take home. Today Jellyfish joined our Stingray bubble friends for an Easter egg hunt around school and loved eating the chocolate afterwards.

Have a lovely Easter Jellyfish, we’ll see you in the summer term for lots more fun.

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