Seashells continue to sprout through lockdown

Friday, March 26th, 2021

It is all action and exploring with Seashell’s class this half term.  Where did the time go?

The theme of Growing has kept us very busy as we looked at a number of ways we could interpret the nature based theme.

During this half term Seashell class has been busy carrying out a number of art projects including printing, collage sticking and painting.  The high point was our entry into the American Wild life forever art competition.  All students were very lively with their choosing and fish creations.  We wait for the judging with great anticipation.

We were very unlucky not to have our work win the David Shepard wall display, but a nice mention from the judges was very encouraging and pleasing.  Better luck next year.

Life skills were practiced with the cooking of potato bread, sponge and cupcakes to celebrate a number of birthdays.

Physical education was very popular with most students enjoying sporting events such as cycling, yoga, football and fishing.  Also very popular were garden trips, tac pac and sensory room stretching.

The students demonstrated their green fingers by potting a number of seeds in the classroom and in the green house.  Very good watering and decision making was in effect.  Let’s hope there is some growing action over the half term.

Sensory club started again with some interesting seashell and seed exploration in the creation of a very striking bowl for the garden.

But it’s not all fun and games, literature was deeply focused upon with a range of sensory stories and improvised chanting.  In addition some old favourite were reintroduced.

A big thanks to the hard work of TALC (Tina, Amanda, Lynne and Cheryl) for their continued dedication and devotion to education and learning, and ensuring that we keep on track with our targets.

Finally, congratulation to Chelsea for her hard work this term, being rewarded the star of the term, for her amazing communication skills and determination to finish challenging tasks.

All the best for an exciting and peaceful Easter break.

Barry and the Seashells.

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