Importance of Keeping Them Safe – Online Safety

Thursday, April 29th, 2021

Importance of Keeping Them Safe – Online Safety

With our ever evolving use of technology and how well our children do with using digital technology it is increasingly important to monitor and talk to your child/ren about online safety and relationships. As part of our PSHE curriculum we work on keeping safe in a range of situations including on-line safety and we have computer rules in place at school.


We also discuss relationships and as part of our be-safe scheme and we always tell the children if they don’t know someone they should do ‘nothing’. This is also the case with people on-line as we may not know who we are talking to.

It is also important for children’s wellbeing and safety that we monitor how much time they are on their devices for and what activities they are engaged in.

Here are some fantastic websites to visit to gain knowledge on a wide range of topics as a parent and there are some very useful tips too!



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