Stingray go back to Haylands Farm

Monday, April 19th, 2021

Stingray had lots of fun at forest school today. It was so lovely to be back at Haylands Farm. We haven’t been to forest school at Haylands since well before Christmas.
We loved exploring the new wooden ship, complete with ship’s bell, steering wheel and pirate flag. We got into the pirate mode and raised and lowered the flag and even made Geoff walk the plank!!!
Some of us played in the house, cooking up a dinner, while others showed us that we still remembered our amazing climbing skills by climbing high up the ladder.
All in all we had a fab afternoon in the sunshine, exploring and playing.
And then on the back to the minibus we were treated to something you don’t see every day, a pair of one day old baby goats. They were very cute.

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