The Sun at last – Outside fun for Seashells

Friday, May 28th, 2021

The sun is finally out which has encouraged the Seashells to venture out of the classroom to explore nature and enjoy social games.

This term we have been very busy with art production culminating in the completion of many colourful pieces which have been forwarded to the unique arts award and the Royal Mail stamp competition.  I believe we will be receiving winning certificates very soon.

We have produced some interesting cooking outcomes.  Not sticking directly to the recipes which has presented us with some very playful sensory sessions.  We had great success with some cupcakes, marshmallow houses, mini breads, snail making and fruity jellies.

Not deterred by the volume of ants, our gardening skills have continued throughout this half term, watering and compose examination, we have been rewarded with very impressive potatoes, sweet pea, runner beans and sunflowers.

We continued our mobility and enquiry with hide and seek searching, aeroplane flying, buried treasure, tac pac, kurling and spa treatments to ensure we keep fit and supple.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy half term.








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