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 Seashell Class Teacher: Barry Weir

I attended Reading School of Art quite a while back, concluding a degree in Photography and digital manipulation as well as a post­-graduate in design.  I became interested in the idea of teaching during these courses and completed my teacher training at the University of Ulster a few years later.  For 13 years I taught art based activities at the prestigious Armagh Collage of further and higher education, in Northern Ireland.   Following this, I opted for a change of scenery moving to London.  I taught for 3 plus years at Riverside School, Haringey, then Richard Cloudesley Islington.

I encourage reflection upon our practice, carry out personal study on a wide range of themes linked to special needs education, which ensures that my students are presented with purposeful learning with a focus upon engagement.  I was thrilled to be offered the role of class teacher at Medina House School.  I am honoured to carry out my teaching adventures with all Seashell staff, who share my enthusiasm, spirit and dedication for student development.

I maintain a range of varied interests outside of school. I am a keen artist and regularly take time to create graphic novel style imagery.  I enjoy wild swimming as well as listening and playing music.

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Lynne                                                                Tina













  1. June 30 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am
  2. July 23
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