Adverse Work Element Policy Combined Dec 18

Alcohol/Substance Misuse (LA Model)

Annual Leave Policy adopted June 2019 

Application for Leave of Absence Form January 2018

Attendance and Punctuality Policy April 2019

Attendance Management Policy+Procedure FINAL combined Aug 2018

Confidentiality Policy Jan 19

Charging and Remissions Policy

CPD Policy Feb 2019

Disciplinary Procedure – July 18

Domestic Abuse Policy Adopted May 19

Dress Code Policy Feb 19

Equality Policy Statement and Guidance -Adopted June 18

Educational Visits Planning and Approval Policy March 19 Combined

Electronic Mail

Emergency Asthma Inhaler Policy March 19

Control of risks for New & Expectant Mothers at Work Policy Front Page Jan 19

EYFS Policy May 2019

Finance Policy Dec 19

Flexible Retirement Policy – June 2019 (LA Model)

Flexible Working Policy June 2019

Freedom of Information Policy&Publication Scheme June 19

Freedom of Speech June 2019

Food Policy May 2019

Geography Policy July 2019

Governors Allowances

Grievance Procedure – June 2019

Hot Working Policy July 19

LAC Policy Sep 18  

Lettings Policy Buildings Apr 19

Lettings Swimming Pool April 19

Lone Worker Policy Nov 18

Market Supplement Policy – June 2019

Minibus Policy Dec 2018

Ofsted Report July 18

PARK Policy Nov 18

Parental Leave –  June 19

PHSE -Citizenship Education Policy July 19

Privacy Notice Governors and Volunteers @ June 19

Privacy Notice Pupils Medina House June 19

Privacy Notice Staff Employees Medina House School June 19

Probationary Policy – Sep 2018

RE Policy – Oct 18

Record Keeping and Management on Child Protection Policy Dec 18

Restructuring Redundancy Redeployment Policy 2018 combined

SEND Access and Inclusion Policy Nov 18

Shared Parental Leave Provisions – June 2019

Smoke Free Policy IWC Combined 2018

Special Leave Policy – Nov 18

Staff and Volunteer Confidentiality Policy Jan 18 SB

Visitors & Guest Speakers Policy March 19

Workplace Well-being Policy Combined IWC Dec 18

Whistleblowing at Work Policy Combined IWC June 19 – 21



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