School Governing Body

Introduction from our Chair of Governors

Welcome from Matt Atkins Chair of Governors

“It is my privilege to be Chair of Governors of the school. The Governing Body is committed to working closely with the Head Teacher and all staff to ensure that your children will receive the best possible quality of education in a safe and caring environment.

We believe that your contribution is essential in helping your child to grow up to “be the best that they can be”. If you need to speak to any member of the Governing Body about any issue, please contact the school in the first instance. We will try to make sure that you are kept informed about work that the school is doing and the progress we are making.

Our vision is that Medina House School should be an outstanding school and become a centre of excellence for all the Island’s children with special educational needs. In order to achieve this we must all — parents / carers, Head Teacher, staff, members of the Governing Body and other agencies that support us – work together in a special partnership with the progress and well-being of children at the centre of everything we do.

So, welcome to a very special partnership that we hope you will enjoy for many years to come.”

Matt Atkins
Chair of Governing Body

The Governing Body is made up of the following members:




“I have been a school governor with only a short break since the mid 1960s, in London, and from 1986, on the Island. I have experience of special, primary, middle and high schools.  From the early 1990s until the school closed on re-organisation, I was Business Manager and Clerk to Governors at Bishop Lovett CE Middle School.  I was appointed to the Medina House Interim Executive Board in September 2011 and to the newly established governing body in April 2013. I am married with three children and five grandchildren. Having now retired, I enjoy gardening, watching cricket and spending time with my family.” 



Matt Atkins

Chair of Governing Body

Turtle and Jellyfish class representative


Julie Head [1024x768]


Having completed a BED Degree in Special Education in Derbyshire, I embarked on my career in a variety of Special Schools 27 years ago.  During that time I have worked in 5 schools in Portsmouth and Hampshire working my way up from class teacher until achieving my dream of gaining Headship at Medina House School in September 2011.  I was a governor in a Hampshire school when I held the role of Acting Head and when I joined Medina House School I was appointed to the I.E.B. (Interim Executive Board).  I have now chosen to be a governor on our full governing body to ensure the best outcomes for our pupils, their families and staff.





Julie Stewart



Our son joined the school in September 2015 and we have be impressed with the progress he has made; this is due to the fantastic teaching environment he is now in; an environment promoted by the caring and hard working team at Medina House School. I feel it is a great honour to be appointed as Parent Governor and I hope to be able to contribute to the schools continuing success.

I am Island born and have lived and worked on the Island all my life; I have worked in Social Housing since 1998 and am currently employed by Southern Housing Group.




Paul New

Vice Chair

Co-Opted Governor

Seal class representative

Tina Orledge

Parent Governor

Seashell Class Representative


“Technically, I should be classed as a grandparent governor – my grandson has attended Medina House School since 2014 (Preschool) and we have seen such positive changes in his development. We are very proud of him and owe so much to the brilliant team at Medina House. So much so that I wanted to contribute something to the school’s journey and this seemed to be a great way to offer my support and I am honoured and excited to be given this opportunity. I currently work as a senior lecturer in Social Work at Southampton Solent University and prior to this worked as a social worker and advocate on the Island. Originally from the west county, my first love was to work with people with learning disabilities and I originally achieved a joint qualification as a Social Worker and a Registered Nurse for People with Learning Disabilities at Portsmouth University and moved to the Island in ’98. I truly hope to be able to support the excellent work of the school and look forward to playing a small part in their ongoing success.”


Colin Bright

Associate Governor

Starfish class representative









Andrew Trotter

Parent governor

Penguin class representative

Sheila Frost


I first encountered special education when I was 14. My mum worked at Watergate School ( now St Georges) and I would  love to go and visit during days off school . I qualified as a teacher in 1975 and I was offered a temporary teaching job at Watergate which was then an all age school designated  for children with “Moderate learning difficulties.”  Twenty five years later and  I was still there! In 2001 I joined Medina House School and have continued to love my work there teaching the youngest children in the school.




Sheila Frost

Co-Opted Governor

Coral, Stingray and Puffin class representative


I was a Special Educational Needs Coordinator for nearly twenty years in both a middle school and latterly a secondary school..
I specialised in working with children with Special Educational Needs and disabilities.
Now retired I enjoy travelling, sports such as walking and swimming and doing craft projects.  I also enjoy spending time with my grandchild.





Felicity Morgan

Co-opted Governor

Dolphin Class representative



I have been a teacher for many years on the Isle of Wight and also in London. I hold a degree in Steiner Waldorf Education and as such I believe in a child centred approach to all education. I have taught across many age ranges in mainstream schools and at a Pupil Referral Unit and now hold the best role of all, at Medina House. I adore my role as Dolphin class teacher and feel privileged to welcome our children as they start their school careers. I look forward to representing our staff, pupils and parents as a governor.




Heather Jones

Staff Governor

Shark Class representative

Keith Lane










Keith Lane

Clerk to Governors

Governors Scheme of Delegation

Medina House SEN information report 2019

Governor’s Information March 2019

Parent Governor Election Procedure with Letters

GovernorCategory of GovernorTerms of OfficeCommittee MembershipResponsibility AreasGovernor at Another SchoolFamily Connections Working in SchoolEmployment and Business InterestsAttendance at Full Governing Body Meetings
Matt AtkinsLocal12/04/2017ExecutiveLead Governor for of Leadership Effectiveness and Management Safeguarding and Child Protection Health and Safety Advisory Role HR Matters Performnance Management Class Links for Turtles and JellyfishNilRetired Daughter and Soin-in-Law own a Company that may provide IT support and systems including website. "Word Press hosting, updates and maintenance" Member of Local Authority Admission Appeals Panel2017/18 7 out of 7 2018/19 4 out of 4
Colin BrightAssociate17/03/17
to 16/03/21
Headteacher's Performance Management
Pay Committee
Lead Governor for Equality and Diversity
Support Governor for Data and Curriculum
Starfish Class Link
NilNilSenior Lecturer Southampton Solent University2017/18
2 out of 7 2018/19
2 out of 4
Julia CooilCo-opted29/03/2017 to 28/01/19 28/02/19 to 31/08/19PayLeadNilNilRetired2017/18 5 out of 7 2018/19 3 out of 4
AssociateCommitteeGovernor for Standards and Achievement including Data. LAC Pupils Pupil Premium Impact Shark Class Link
Sheila FrostCo-opted26/03/2015 to 25/03/19 and 26/03/19 to 25/3/23N/ALead Governor for Curriculum Lead Governor for EYFS Class Links for Coral and StingrayNilNilRetired2017/18 6 out of 7 2018/19 3 out of 4
Supply Teacher at Medina House School
Claire HolleyCo-opted16/11/2017 to 15/11/21 Associate Governor from: 17/3/17 to 16/11/17N/ASupport Governor for Site and Buildings and Health and Safety Seashell Glass LinkNilNilN/A2017/18 3 out of 7 2018/19 1 out 4
Ian HutchcraftParent17/03/2017 to 16/3/21Headteacher?s Performance Management Pay CommitteeLead Governor for Site and Buildings and Health and Safety Penguin Class LinkNilNilFull-time2017/18 6 out 7 2018/19 2 out of 4
FelicityAssociate20/09/2018N/ASupport Governor for Standards and AchievementNilNilRetired2018/19
28/02/20193 out of 4
to 27/02/23
including Data
Executive Committee
LAC Pupils Pupil Premium
? Impact
Dolphin Class Link
Paul NewParent04/02/16
to 03/02/20
Executive Committee
Headteacher?s Performance Management
Pay Committee
Vice Chair of Governors
Lead Governor for Finance
Pupil Premium
? Financial Control
Asset Management
Seal Class Link
NilNilSouthern Housing Group2017/18
6 out of 7 2018/19
3 out of 4
Julie StewartHeadteacher29/03/13
Executive CommitteeNilNilHeadteacher2017/18
7 out of 7
4 out of 4
Juliette SwinfieldStaff5/10/18
to 4/10/22
N/AStaff Voice
Behaviour and Safety
Seahorse Class Link
2 out of 3
Rachel HaydenStaff29/03/17
to 31/08/18
7 out of 7

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