Welcome from the Headteacher

Introduction to our school from the Headteacher

Welcome to Medina House School

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Our school motto is “be the best that you can be!” This applies to all staff and all pupils at Medina House School.

We acknowledge the need to work in close partnership with parents and external agencies to ensure that every pupil receives the highest standards of education and care.

Professional and personal development for our staff is at the heart of our efforts to ensure that expertise within the school develops to meet the challenge of providing only the best.

We are committed to working closely with parents/carers in a variety of ways, from one-to-one support through Family Support Service to workshops and parenting courses. There will be regular opportunities to meet both formally and informally with class teams in order to discuss your child’s progress and celebrate their achievements. These opportunities range from Annual Review meetings to Sports Days, Christmas performances and more regular Achievement Assemblies.

More information about the school is available in our school prospectus but if you need any further information of have any concerns or questions, please contact me directly

Julie Stewart (CPLO)
Head Teacher



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