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On Thursday Coral Class took to the school playground to walk 5 laps to help raise money for Sports Relief. Callie had a great time and carried on to do an extra half a lap once her friends stopped and Layna even found time to jump in a puddle and sneak a quick go on […]

On Thursday Coral Class had lots of fun for World Book Day. We dressed up as some of our favourite book characters. We also visited Dolphin and Jellyfish class for story based activities. In Dolphin’s we made puppets using different collage bits. In Jellyfish class we listened to the story of the Ginger Bread Man […]

Today (Thursday), Coral class were joined by a furry visitor called Max! Max is a pat dog who is used for therapy and joined us for circle time as our topic this half term is Animals. We had lots of fun looking at things dogs need before he arrived such as leads, blankets, brushes, food […]

On Tuesday, Coral class had lots of fun exploring pan cakes! We explored sugar, syrup and lemon juice using our hands and even had a try! Layna did not like lemon juice at all! Then we tried pan cakes and the different toppings! Brooklyn, Callie, Layna and Jovi ate a whole pan cake each. Drew […]

Coral Class has had a great time focusing on the rhyme of 5 Currant Buns in  Baker’s Shop.  We have cut open, buttered and explored hot cross buns, we have used our senses to explore the ingredients used to make them and then make our own!  The children made it clear the things they did […]

Our topic is stories and rhymes this half term in EYFS. Coral class have been busy making walls in different ways for Humpty Dumpty so fall off of. We have used bricks dripped into tray of paint to print a wall, we’ve used different sized bricks to explore how tall we can build walls, we […]

We hope you and your children are settling back into routine after the Christmas break. We would like to welcome Brieon and Cara to Coral Class.

This half term in Coral class our topic has been Light and Celebration! Each week we have focused on a colour. The colour of the week has then been part of our everyday environment,  we have used that colour  in our activities, as well as weekly food exploration session! The children have all tried new […]

This week in Coral we have been exploring different autumn things. On Tuesday the children used different fruits to print using autumn colours. The children got very messy as some of them wanted to eat the fruit still! On Wednesday we explored different sized and types of pumpkins! First we explored them whole by rolling, […]

On Wednesday, Coral class were busy having lots of fun exploring water using their hands and feet. Isla, Layna, Harper and Brooklyn went outside and took off their shoes and socks to stamp in two builders trays of water. One tray had warm bubbly water, whilst the other warm glittery water. Isla liked the bubbly […]

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