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As the weather heats up here are some fun drinking games for the summer. Fun drinking games

Last Monday at Forest school the children had to forage around for kindling wood in preparation for an activity this week. This week the children had to drop the wood into a type of kettle device. They had to put the wood into the top and wait for the kettle to boil the water and […]

Please click on the link to see a power point of the sensory story we are sharing in class for the next 2 weeks. the waves in the sea Take care and keep safe!

Please find below information for positive Mental Health Mental-Health-Resources-List-Explaining-about-coronavirus Mental-Health-Resources-List-Parent-Carers Mental-Health-Resources-List-Pupils

Online resource for parents This is a pack with lots of ideas for exercise at home, sleep, looking after yourself , OT activities, managing behaviour ..and lots more with lots of links. As it is a Cardiff document the contact phone number will not be useful for this area..but the resources are great Council for Disabled […]

Video of Staff – From Us To You (this last for 7 days.) Please try it to see how much we care. Count on Me

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