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We have been very busy working hard on lots of maths activities this half term. We have been using lots of props and resources to support our counting songs, completing number puzzles and ordering and sequencing numbers. As our topic is homes and shops we have been buying toys from Turtle shop, using money in […]

We celebrated NSPCC Number Day in Coral class by engaging in several number activities. The class was full of numbers, number puzzles, number and shape books, sorting shapes, car numbers and even outside we found a numbered hopscotch and shapes! We had great fun showing off our T-shirts with numbers and clocks on. We counted […]

The children have been having fun doing lots of different activities all about our topic this term, transport. In art we dipped  different vehicles in paint and rolled them onto paper to make patterns. In literacy the children have used vehicles to do some mark making and in maths cars have been used to sort, […]

This afternoon Stingray children had great fun repotting their runner beans. They had to dig holes and replant their beans covering with more soil and finally watering. They all did a great job. We all have to be patient and watch how they grow. The end result runner beans for snack time. Yummy!!!     […]

What fun we have had reading our sensory story together ‘Sharing a Shell’. Dolphin class really enjoyed learning about the crab who found a shell and shared it with his new friends in the rock pools. We made a storm with fans and bubbles and counted how many sea animals we could fit under the […]

Importance of Keeping Them Safe – Online Safety With our ever evolving use of technology and how well our children do with using digital technology it is increasingly important to monitor and talk to your child/ren about online safety and relationships. As part of our PSHE curriculum we work on keeping safe in a range […]

Our topic this term is transport. We have been talking and learning about the different types of transport we could use to get to different places. In science we have made some paper aeroplanes, literacy we have been planning a virtual holiday to a place we would like to visit and at forest school we […]

Our topic this half term is Homes and Shops. Turtle class have been reading the story A Squash and a Squeeze. We have really enjoyed listening to the story and have been very busy working hard on lots of literacy activities. We have been identifying main characters using symbols and props, completing lots of matching […]

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