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The sun is finally out which has encouraged the Seashells to venture out of the classroom to explore nature and enjoy social games. This term we have been very busy with art production culminating in the completion of many colourful pieces which have been forwarded to the unique arts award and the Royal Mail stamp […]

It is all action and exploring with Seashell’s class this half term.  Where did the time go? The theme of Growing has kept us very busy as we looked at a number of ways we could interpret the nature based theme. During this half term Seashell class has been busy carrying out a number of […]

What a half term it has been for the Seashellers. Who would have thought a lockdown could bring such challenges, fun and learning. It is regrettable that Covid-19 restricted us in a number of ways. With no swimming, forest school and many social interactions. Introducing us to necessary online learning, but upon reflection of the […]

What an exciting time was had this term, with a wide range of activities revolving around the theme of Light and Celebration. Starting off the adventure was a whole school art venture commemorating Diwali.  We focused upon a glue and paint canvas with a big Seashell in the middle which can be seen below, a […]

What a half term it has been for the hard working students of Seashells.  We have welcomed new staff as well as new students and we have had lots of fun getting to know each other through learning and play. A big thanks to the hard work of TLC for their continued dedication and devotion […]

Seashell class try very hard with their physical activities making their legs,arms and body stronger.We show much enjoyment throughout this session and have fun while doing it.  

Seashell class have been exploring sound in their music sessions and have played many different instruments. 

Seashell class have been creating a story about the Toy Cupboard ,we have made items in Art and have been working hard with sensory activities.      

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