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Unfortunately we didn’t go to forest school today so instead we had fun on the bikes and scooters. Amber became really confident and whizzed around the playground managing to save herself from crashing into the wall. Thank goodness for safety helmets. Liam managed to do slalom round the bricks on his bike and controlled himself […]

Stingray class have been making the most of the sunshine when it’s appeared. We had a dry, breezy day for our UKSA trip. All the children loved the experience of our trip down the river medina. Beach school has given us all a great opportunity to explore sand, sea and smelly seaweed. We brought a […]

Hi all. Everyone in stingray class is happy to be back and settled in well. Our topic is ‘Houses and homes’. We’ve made mud huts and explored different rooms in a house and their function. Enjoy the photos!

All of Stingray class were lucky enough to have beach school at St Helen’s Duver. Some of the children paddled  while the others were busy collecting shells, seaweed and filling buckets with water. Harry was our sand angel and Karl even managed to have a sneaky dip!!! It was a beautiful day only wished we […]

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