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Over the last three weeks the children have been having a lot of fun at Forest school. As part of our topic ‘Let’s Celebrate’ Geoff has introduced light at the forest. The children had to rub the flint and steel together to produce a spark and create their own fire. They were all brilliant and […]

Today Friday 13th November is Children in Need day. The children came to school in their pyjama’s and all donated towards the brilliant charity. Thank you. In the morning the children decorated a cake with Pudsey’s face. Later in the day they chilled and watched a film. After lunch Stingray and Jellyfish met up in […]

On Thursday the 5th November the children watched a short clip of a firework display. They looked at all the different colours in the sky at night to create their own master piece. The children enjoyed splatting the colours on the paper and watched eagerly as the beautiful  picture unfolded of bright, sparkling colours. They […]

Stingray class have been reading the story ‘Norman the Slug with a silly shell.’ Norman is on a mission to find a shell to be like his snail friends. He tried all sorts of different objects including a pink ring doughnut. The children have really enjoyed the story and have created some beautiful art work […]

Stingray class have been enjoying our weekly visits to Haylands Farm for forest school. We were very busy collecting pinecones to turn into creepy crawly spiders! We then found ourselves a conker to very carefully drill a hole in before threading string to play a game of conkers with our friends. Lots of awesome autumnal […]

Hello and welcome to Stingray class. We hope you have all had a fantastic summer and are looking forward to the year ahead. The adults working in Stingray class this year are… Kevin ( Teacher) Shaz (TA3)Angie (TA2) Mia (TA2) Keeley (TA2)Jan (TA1)

Last Monday at Forest school the children had to forage around for kindling wood in preparation for an activity this week. This week the children had to drop the wood into a type of kettle device. They had to put the wood into the top and wait for the kettle to boil the water and […]

Last week Stingray class were lucky to have Sheila as the teacher. As part of our Machine topic Sheila brought in 3 different types of machines that she uses in her kitchen. The children tried to mix up angel delight using a hand whisk in one bowl and an electric mixer in the other. The […]

As part of our ‘machines’ topic, Geoff from forest school brought out a hand drill for the children to practice their drilling skills. Grace was a natural and didn’t want to stop drilling the holes. All the children had a turn and enjoyed using the drill.

On Tuesday Stingray class had a special visitor called Hester. Gibson is an Ability Dog who visits schools and meets the children. He loves to be stroked gently and the children could ask questions about his job in school. He sat really nicely in class as the children came up to say hello.

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