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This afternoon Stingray children had great fun repotting their runner beans. They had to dig holes and replant their beans covering with more soil and finally watering. They all did a great job. We all have to be patient and watch how they grow. The end result runner beans for snack time. Yummy!!!     […]

Stingray had lots of fun at forest school today. It was so lovely to be back at Haylands Farm. We haven’t been to forest school at Haylands since well before Christmas. We loved exploring the new wooden ship, complete with ship’s bell, steering wheel and pirate flag. We got into the pirate mode and raised […]

Friday was full of crazy hair do’s in Stingray class! All Stingrays big and small enjoyed sporting crazy hair for red nose day. We would like to say a big thank you to all families who donated to the wonderful cause.

The Stingray Scientists enjoyed carrying out some amazing experiments for science week! We carried out an explosive rocket canister experiment followed by making our very own lava lamps. All the stingrays had a great time predicting what will happen and recording our findings. Well done stingray!  

Stingray class were very excited to be joined by the cat in the hat, a Doctor, Chase from paw patrol and Mulan last Friday! The stingrays all enjoyed celebrating world book day choosing their favourite stories to share with a friend and voted for their favourite story they have read in literacy so far this […]

Stingray class had a fantastic day celebrating Chinese new year. We looked at where china is on a world map before we got to work making our own dragons. We then enjoyed a  Chinese feast were we all got to try lots of exciting new foods. The children and adults all had a fantastic time. […]

At forest school this week the children had to work out how to build a bridge to cross safely. They had to re enact  our class story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff.’ It was a team effort to build the bridge, and they all safely crossed over to the fresh grass. Earlier this week they […]

What a better way to end a fabulous first term with a special visitor who left us a very important video message and also secretly sneaked into Stingray class and left a sack full of presents. Kevin read our class story Shhh!!!! and at the end of the story he discovered like magic the sack […]

On Wednesday 16th December Stingray and Jellyfish class came together to celebrate their Christmas dinner. The tables were decorated with Stingray’s lovely art work and coloured lights. The children sat with their friends and staff and they all enjoyed the festive occasion. There was lots of joke telling and happy faces and laughter. Fun was […]

Stingray and Jellyfish class enjoyed a sunny snow day. I hope you can spot your child through the snow blizzard. As you can see by their faces they all had a lovely time. It wasn’t really snow to build a snowman but fun was had by all.

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