Learning at home

Home learning with our amazing Medina House pupils can cover so many things!! Learning to experience , touch, match , sort and talk about everyday things that are at home can be great learning experiences. There is always so much to discover.

The main thing is to keep curiosity going and to find routines and experiences that work for you and your child. We have shared some websites and ideas that you may find useful but you will know and find out so many more .

 Taking photos and sharing any new experiences you have is a great way to record something different that your child has done and we can add these to our School Learning Journeys.




Objects that you have around at home can become exciting learning opportunities…cardboard boxes, torches, brushes, jugs for pouring, egg boxes..the list is endless. Real discovery learning happens when we find out something new, and there is so much to discover both indoors and outdoors.

 Massage stories, relaxation and Makaton skills can be practised and shared with all the family .So have a go and do what works for you  ! Let us know what has worked well and we can use it in school too. Above all, have fun with sharing learning at home with your child.

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