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Sammi Kirkby
Sammi Kirkby
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Family Support Worker: Sammi Kirkby

My name is Sammi Kirkby and I am the Family Support Worker at Medina House School.

I have worked at MHS for many years, in fact almost too many to mention and I have been lucky enough to work in almost all areas of the school, from Nursery to Speech Therapy assistant.

I am N.N.E.B trained and fairly recently became an HLTA.

Even after all this time, I still feel privileged to work at MHS, as each day is new and every day I learn something from the children and their parents.

I can now be found at The Medina Help Hut in Green Street. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any support you may require. By phone – just call the main school number, and choose option 1, the admin staff will put you through to me. Alternatively, I can be reached on my email address –


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