School Dinners
Lunch is cooked and served at Medina House. Parents receive a copy of the menu in termly. Children can choose from a range of healthy options.

If your child has significant dietary requirements you must let us know and we will then cater for them, based on their individual need.

If you want to, you may provide your child with a packed lunch which they can eat in the hall with those having a school lunch. We ask you to provide a healthy lunch with no crisps, chocolate or fizzy drinks.

Dinner Money
Dinner money is collected weekly on a Monday. You can pay weekly, monthly or termly. Please pay by cheque, made payable to Medina House School, or cash. The current daily price is £2.15 per dinner (£10.75 per week). Please make sure cash is in a sealed envelope labelled with your child’s name, class and amount enclosed.

If you receive income support, your child is entitled to free school meals. Application forms are available from the school office.

Snacks and Cooking
The children are provided with a healthy morning snack of fresh fruit or toast. We  encourage children to drink water at any time during the day.  All the children have their own water bottle which is available all day.

Most classes have a weekly cooking session which is related to topic work or specific areas of the curriculum.  School requests a contribution of £2 a week from parents to go towards the costs of cooking and snacks.  If this causes any problems please ask to speak to the Head Teacher.

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