to Medina House School on the Isle of Wight

About the School

Medina House School has been part of the life and education provision of the Isle of Wight for over 30 years.

Aims and Values:

  • To develop a positive attitude to learning in a fun, stimulating, challenging yet safe environment.
  • To build strong supportive relationships with parents/carers/families and to promote effective partnerships with other agencies.
  • To provide every opportunity to experience and participate in the wider world as independently and safely as possible.
  • To increase the awareness of our school in local communities.

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Risk Assessment for Re-opening of Medina House School  September 2020

COVID19 Staff Risk Assessment for use of PPE -September 2020

MHS Coronavirus risk assessment – updated 15.9.20 September 2020

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Class Achievements

Seashell ClassEvan
For leading the class in a positive song session, with real vigour, passion and zeal.
Dolphin ClassEmma
For her incredible talking and singing, for joining in adult led activities and making new friendships.
Puffin ClassJoey
For being a super role model for his friends at lunchtime.
Jellyfish ClassGabriel
For joining in with activities with enthusiasm and a wonderful smile on his face.
Seal ClassSasha
For eating his taster lunches. Well done, Sasha!
Stingray ClassMorgan
For using his voice in all sessions throughout the day.
Seahorse ClassLily
For excellent numeracy work, working with numbers up to 50!
Starfish ClassGeorge
For coming into school so well in the mornings and for some fantastic reading. Also, for singing the ‘Good Morning’ song, with a great cowboy - ‘Yee-haw!’
Shark ClassBenji
For excellent Venn Diagram work in Maths.
Penguin ClassCharlie Pe
For eating his whole lunch every day this week.
Turtle ClassEleanor
For being a good friend to her class mates and for independently exploring at Forest School.
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