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About the School

Medina House School has been part of the life and education provision of the Isle of Wight for over 30 years.

Aims and Values:

  • To develop a positive attitude to learning in a fun, stimulating, challenging yet safe environment.
  • To build strong supportive relationships with parents/carers/families and to promote effective partnerships with other agencies.
  • To provide every opportunity to experience and participate in the wider world as independently and safely as possible.
  • To increase the awareness of our school in local communities.

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Class Achievements

Seashell ClassMaggie
For fabulous bead threading with her butterfly feeder.
Dolphin ClassJames
For joining in with lots of sensory play and talking much more in class.
Puffin ClassLola
For always being super helpful when it’s time to tidy up. Also, for completing some amazing work, especially in PHSE when we made a feelings tree.
Jellyfish ClassFlynn
For great engagement with Identiplay and spending lots of time enjoying himself. He has been smiling and laughing so much!
Seal ClassCash
For really good listening and communication and for joining in with class activities.
Stingray ClassBen
For taking part in our Science experiments and completing his assessment sheet.
Seahorse ClassRyan
For excellent letter formation during literacy practise.
Starfish ClassAlfie
For fantastic story writing and typing it all up independently.
Shark ClassHarvey
For good listening, answering questions and doing good work in class with his friends.
Penguin ClassMilly
For lots of lovely singing, talking and communicating, and for some excellent Maths work.
Turtle ClassTristan
For great interaction with adults.
  1. June 16 - June 17
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