to Medina House School on the Isle of Wight

 About the School

Medina House School has been part of the life and education provision of the Isle of Wight for over 30 years.

Aims and Values:

  • To develop a positive attitude to learning in a fun, stimulating, challenging yet safe environment.
  • To build strong supportive relationships with parents/carers/families and to promote effective partnerships with other agencies.
  • To provide every opportunity to experience and participate in the wider world as independently and safely as possible.
  • To increase the awareness of our school in local communities.

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IW School Term Dates

Medina House Term dates

School Complaints Procedure

Class Achievements

Seashell ClassEvan
For excellent communication and moving objects by pushing and pulling . Well done Evan!
Dolphin ClassRiley
For being more willing to try new experiences, for expressing his lunch choices clearly and for using PECs on the IPad with focus and enthusiasm! 
Puffin ClassRiley
For beginning to use the IPad PECs app well, becoming more enthusiastic and expressive with his signing and doing good work in Literacy and Maths.
Jellyfish ClassDylan
For brushing his teeth and following the daily timetable in the Dylan way! 
Seal ClassRhys
For using his strong leg muscles to cycle round and round the playground. 
Stingray ClassGrace
For great sitting and participation, and being totally focused in circle and story time.
Seahorse ClassGeorge
For excellent sentence construction and letter formation during Literacy.
Starfish ClassJessica & Imogen
For initiating and turn taking in their own game of playing with the scented cotton wool snowballs.
Shark ClassTilly
For fantastic work in writing and drawing.
Penguin ClassGianluca
For being an amazing member of the school council and remembering the other council members’ names and classes.
Turtle ClassFlynn
For reading all the symbols in the daily timetable using his words!!
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