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It has been lovely having all our jellyfish back together for the last few weeks of term. We have had lots of fun exploring our growing topic – we have grown cress, grass, mung beans and runner beans. We ended the term with a week of eggy fun to get the children egg-cited for Easter. […]

On Wednesday 16th December Stingray and Jellyfish class came together to celebrate their Christmas dinner. The tables were decorated with Stingray’s lovely art work and coloured lights. The children sat with their friends and staff and they all enjoyed the festive occasion. There was lots of joke telling and happy faces and laughter. Fun was […]

Stingray and Jellyfish class enjoyed a sunny snow day. I hope you can spot your child through the snow blizzard. As you can see by their faces they all had a lovely time. It wasn’t really snow to build a snowman but fun was had by all.

In Jellyfish class this week we have all enjoyed celebrating harvest, we had a yummy breakfast with our bubble class Stingray, and decorated our box for the food bank which we all put our food donations in. We ended our week by having a Harvest assembly where we sang songs and performed our own special […]

Welcome to Jellyfish class. Since returning to school, Jellyfish class have been very busy getting used to our new routines and making lots of new friends. Over the past few weeks we have been focusing on getting to know each other and doing lots of fun, exciting activities! Watch this space to see what we […]

Jellyfish bubble have enjoyed a picnic in the sun for our snack time today. After circle time we made our sandwiches and took them up to enjoy with some of our other favourite snacks. We had lots of fun talking and laughing together and then had a game of hide and seek! Our Thursday Jellyfish […]

This afternoon Jellyfish class have had lots of fun going to see the pigs. First of all we learned the sign for pig. We then talked about where they live and what they eat and drink. It was very exciting feeding the pigs pellets! They use their noses to hunt in the mud for them. […]

Jellyfish have been a busy little crew. We have been knights and princesses at our visit to the castle, also seeing the Donkeys, They enjoyed the sleeping beauty story and dressing up in the historic armour. They also went for a visit to the library were they enjoyed exploring the books and singing nursery rhymes […]

This half term, Jellyfish class have been mixing colours in lots of different ways. We have watched and thought about what happens when two colours are mixed together. We have had lots of sensory fun including using foam, paints, food colour in water, pens on filter paper, tissue paper dipped in colours to make a […]

Hello and welcome to the Jellyfish crew big and small!!……. We will be having lots of fun and messy play!! Along with learning about our topic (Me and my family)   Meet the Jellyfish crew Big Jellyfish!……….. Hannah K (photo to follow), Hannah B (from January), Rach, Georgia, Natalia, Maisie (photo to follow) Small Jellyfish!…….. […]

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