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Last term our topic was transport. The class enjoyed practical and fun ways to experience different forms of transport. They used force in science to help rockets sail through the air, used ramps and cars to measure the speed of toys cars. At forest school some of the children used their imagination to man a […]

Seahorse enjoyed bubbling up and having Easter breakfast with our friends from Seal class after watching the production of Wizard of Oz

Seahorse have been sneaking around this week making all our amazing families a mothers day card and a chocolate heart.  We hope all of you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the presents we made this week. Happy Mothers Day to you all!!  

Seahorse have really enjoyed being with our bubble Seals to do lots of different science experiments! We experimented using biscuits and different types of liquid, water, oil, glue and vinegar. Each minute we recorded if the biscuit stayed the same or softened. We also used food colouring and bread to see what happened and if […]

In seahorse this term we are learning about tales, traditions and celebrations. We have been doing lots of cooking that link to different fairy tales. We looked at different castles and built our own using junk modelling material and papier-mâché. We have read books fairy tale books and watched different films and compared the different […]

Seahorse had a special visitor come and visit in a Covid secure way. All the children loved their presents he delivered and left under the tree for them. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and  a Happy New Year, we look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

Seahorse have been getting into the festive spirit. We have been doing lots of baking, making salt dough decorations, turning ourselves into Elves and going on some Christmas treasure hunts around the school to find all the letters, figure out what it says to retrieve our prizes at the end! Seahorse children loved watching the […]

This week we have been learning about Diwali, and why it is celebrated. We have been making our own Rangoli pictures and as a class we made a big Rangoli canvas to be displayed in school. We used lots of different materials and shapes to complete our Rangoli pictures. Our favorite as a class was […]

The children in Sealhorse Bubble are settling in really well in these uncertain times. They are really enjoying having a bubble class that we see lots of times during the week. Sealhorse really enjoyed their Harvest Festival together in Seahorse class, we had delicious food and drinks for all of Sealhorse and staff to enjoy! […]

This term in Seahorse Class we are learning what makes a good friends  by making our friendship flowers and happiness boxes. Seahorse have been meeting our new friends and catching up about what we have all been up to. We will be making books all about ourselves, watching films or TV shows that demonstrate good […]

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